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by Mustard's Retreat

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Mustard's Retreat

This review written by Kevin McCarthy, 9/05
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They are too numerous to count. 'They' being artists who are called to create, despite lack of subsequent fame and fortune.

The former is an apt description of Mustard's Retreat.

Well, good for us, for we are the benefactors.

David Tamulevich and Michael Hough (Mustard's Retreat) have returned with three releases this year and this first one is an item that literally calls for a change in the fortune status of these longtime performers.

Translated: buy this worthwhile CD.

Fame will then follow for this duo.

There are numerous nuggets for enjoyment here, almost too many to mention. "You Won't Know Me" and "(Ours is a) Simple Faith" bookend the release. "You Won't Know Me" is an invigorating ode to personal resolve and tranformation. "(Ours is a) Simple Faith" illustrates 'laws' to live by. Aided in resonance by an uillean pipes interlude, this is offered:
"...There is no Hell to fear. No judgment day drawing near
Trust that inner voice you hear, everyday
Life's not a goal or race, it's about heart and faith
And living a life of grace. Everyday..."
Laden with visceral and earthy images of pastoral nature, the catchy rhythm of "When the Moon Howls and the Wolves Are Still" rocks via electric guitar.

Neil Young is nowhere to be found on "Harvest Moon." Instead, we are treated to a tribute to primitive nature performed in a cappela harmony, save for a touch of piano.

Tamulevich and Hough go across the pond with the original, UK traditional-sounding "The Raven." Dorothy Parker's exquisitely heartbreaking (literally) poem "Threnody" is set to music and the combination is one of unrivaled beauty.

The yin and yang of residing in Michigan is patriotically presented in "State of Mine." "Here Comes the Snow" follows. A lament over a relationship dissolved, it concludes with a resigned acceptance.

In chilling fashion, "Strawberry Joan" shatters the myth that fortune tellers generally only forecast good news. " Comes A Moment," about two people forsaking so-called 'common sense' is next. Tamulevich and Jan Krist sing:
"...And I said 'There are those moments
when you're standing on the edge
when all at once you're outside
all that darkness in your head'
And she said 'There is this feeling
like when 2 and 2 makes 5>
when you're staring at some crossroads
and you choose to be alive..."
The November 1st holiday in Celtic lore is celebrated with a plea in "SamhainWish." A period of time sometimes mystically represented as 'a dark silence from which emerges new beginnings,' the humanistic lyrics match this description. "A Welcoming" is an eloquent acknowledgement of the self as sanctuary.

Tamulevich and Hough are a duo of demonstrable mature artistry. They will continue on with their artistic calling regardless but remember the counsel above: buy this worthwhile CD.

*** And for those who have inquired, the name Mustard's Retreat has absolutely nothing to with capitulation to catsup. Glad we settled that.

David Tamulevich on lead vocals, harmony, 6 & 12-string rhythm guitar, mandolin and dulcimer and Michael Hough on lead vocals, harmony, guitar and bass, are backed by Danny Cox on drums; Maura Kennedy on harmony; Pete Kennedy on 12-string guitar, bass, tambourine and drums; Tyler Duncan on uillean pipes; Alan Finkbeiner on percussion; Kerrie Potter on vocal, harmony, octave mandolin and piano; Jeremy Kittel on fiddle; Joel Mabus on mandolin; Mark Braun on piano; Peter "Madcat" Ruth on harmonica; Jim Bizer on lead guitar; Jan Krist on harmony

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