A Review of the Mustard's Retreat CD
"A Gathering Of Moments"

"A Gathering Of Moments"
by Mustard's Retreat

Copyright 2005
Mustard's Retreat

This review written by Kevin McCarthy, 10/05
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Leftovers get a bad rap. Yet, we survive on them. Heck, some of us even look forward to them.

Such applies to this release.

While some artists struggle for material, others enjoy a bountiful creative harvest. So much so, that for a myriad of reasons, music and songs can get left by the wayside.

This particular Mustard Retreat (David Tamulevich & Michael Hough) offering consists of those 'remnants' that escaped inclusion on other releases, with seven of the twelve cuts being instrumentals.

For one who has always struggled to describe instrumentals, here "Brigid's Dance" certainly conveys a kinetic feel as does "Marching Thru Cairo" with its Civil War genesis.

Four of the songs deserve particular mention.

"Something You Said" describes the facade of a noble breakup. The last verse:

"...Let's end this the simplest way, a quick good bye, a final kiss
For the things I've got to say, I really don't believe that words exist
As if they ever really matter once your world begins to fall
and our best intentions leave us standing here with nothing left at all"

"Only Love Knows'" packs a punch not only because of its lyrics, but also because of its technique where Tamulevich sings lead vocals and Kitty Donohoe joins him by emotively repeating each line, a beat or two later.

Containing one of the coldest choruses in some time, the bleakly titled "I'd Rather Be Lonely" is but the first half of the chorus, followed by: "than be here with you." It makes you shiver, doesn't it?

Tamulevich closes the song with:

"...Love was a battle. Love was a mess
Love was an arduous, spiritual test
Truth is in life, there is plenty of blame.
We lit a candle, now the house is in flames."

"Spinning Round" portrays mental illness as brutally and directly as ever heard in song. A couple of examples:

"...Life is sand through hands so cold, falling down to depths untold..."


"...In this space, in this time, words are shadows that remind
There's a truth beyond this ache, and victory in each breath we take..."

It surprising that some of these offerings were left unrecorded until now. But sometimes the directions a release takes doesn't allow a 'fit' for even quality creations such as these.

David Tamulevich on vocals, guitar, dulcimer and Michael Hough on bass and harmony, are backed by Peter Ostroushko on fiddle; David Woodhead on bass and mandolin; Danny Cox on drums and percussion; Pete Kennedy on acoustic guitar, electric guitar and harmony, Maura Kennedy on harmony; Kitty Donohue on harmony; Jim and Allison Perkins on pennywhistle; Garnet Rogers on bouzouki, viola, fiddle, electric guitar and high violin; Jamina Vascconellos and Doug Berch on harmonium.

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