A Review of the CD
"Morning Light"
by Paula Joy Welter

"Morning Light"
by Paula Joy Welter

Copyright 1995
Starry Sky Music (BMI)
P.O. Box 1066
Lotus, CA 95651

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 10/98
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Love, loss, anger, sadness, gratitude---Paula Joy Welter puts her head and heart on display for all to hear in her initial CD "Morning Light." Offering straightforward lyrics and imagery, this is mainly a quiet, Sunday morning-type release yet it contains a power that forces the conscientious listener into examining the condition of his or her relationships with loved ones and friends.

"Joanna's Gift," a revelatory offering that takes an everyday, mundane occurrence (shopping) and turns it into a moment of comforting human connection, is the strongest song here. Welter sings:

This one is guaranteed to have you reaching for the tissue box.

On another strong cut, "A Sky With No Blue," Welter mourns the loss of a relationship:

Barbara Higbie on piano and Jim Rothermal on soprano sax add excellent touches in creating the right mood here.

Recalling a vexing encounter with proselytizing evangelists in "Blessed Be The Fool," Welter philosophically counters their dogmatic rigidness with:

As a parting offering, she says: Norton Buffalo's excellent harmonica backing here blends well with the lyrics.

"Long Ago" laments the loss of "escaping" to new and sometimes exotic places as a child through the reading of such wonderful books like "A Secret Garden" and "Beautiful Joe." Welter sings:

Driven by percussion and congas in, "The Kiss Before The Fall," Welter, in the latter part of the chorus, conveys a strong jolt of emotion with her voice: This is the rare CD that gets you fully involved in the spectrum of feelings that make up the human experience. I cannot imagine someone listening to these songs without experiencing some strong reactions as a result of many of the offerings here.

Welter possess a solid voice and Nina Gerber provides superb production values here, in addition to her guitar work. Other musicians featured include: Karen Almquist, David Balakrishnan, Cary Black, Joe Goldmark, Dorothy Hawkinson, Laurie Lewis, Vicki Randle, John Reischman, Sally Van Meter, and Kris Yenney.

Track List:

All songs by Paula Joy Welter.

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