A Review of the CD
"The Trouble With Poets"
by Peter Mulvey

"The Trouble With Poets"
by Peter Mulvey

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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 4/00
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Peter Mulvey is a dangerous man. Scratch that, make it a dangerous musician. Going for a ride with him means heading down back alleyways and plowing through uncharted territory that seems vaguely comfortable and familiar but remains cunningly obscure. His is not laid back, melody-is-king folk. He's also not anywhere near a metalhead's delight but he certainly swoops and swerves within an unsettling acoustic landscape.

Fronted by cleverly quirky lyrics and impressive guitar, his vocals register a quiet solemnity, as if abiding no foolishness. Nevertheless his words sometimes dance within a context of playfulness. His opening song, "The Trouble With Poets," is a prime example. He sings:

He closes with:

The cut "Words Too Small To Say" is a partially spoken-word and rap rhythm piece molding existentialism and angst to a framework of today's society:

Taking an disparate view from John Prine's comical "Please Don't Bury Me," Mulvey's "Every Word Except Goodbye" appears as a mystical divvying up last will and testament:

"Bright Idea" presents a numbing paranoid vision of making worthwhile choices and living the righteous life within a context of doing your best and controlling what you can. Mulvey, amidst a backing of eerie but complementary guitar and, on the verses, sounding similar to Greg Brown, sings:

He finishes with:

The delicately poetic "Tender Blindspot" is another partially spoken-word piece. Mulvey speaks and sings:

Don't settle in for a relaxing time with Mulvey. Rather than employing volume to jar the listener, his disquieting, off-kilter undertones deliver uneasiness. Maybe he's an acquired taste, maybe not. Find out.

Track List:

All songs written by Peter Mulvey and David Goodrich, except as noted.

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