A Review of the CD
"Loose Change And Spare Parts"
by Terri Allard

"Loose Change And Spare Parts"
by Terri Allard

Copyright 1998 - RA 112898
Reckless Abandon Records
P.O. Box 592
Crozet, VA 22932

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 6/99
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Terri Allard's latest material straddles that perilous precipice between the forlorn vacuum of lost love and the value gained in having opened one's heart to another, regardless of the outcome. Within this overlay, Allard maneuvers from a saviour-like acceptance bordering on co-dependency (Lifeline), to entering an almost altered state in order to survive in a cold-blooded relationship (La La Rosie Goes), to a heartwarming thread still connecting a couple separated by heaven and earth (Borrowed Time), to a woman withering away due to an emotionally and verbally walled-off spouse (Words You Cannot Say).

"Lifeline," featuring bewitching harmonica backing by Gary Green, is a variation of the grass-is-always-greener syndrome. The protagonist here is always looking for someone better, someone new to placate some long ago wound. However, the woman he leaves behind is either a saint who truly knows what is best for both of them or suffers from her own demons. Allard sings:

The mix of Allard's vocals and Green's harmonica is heartrending on this cut.

"La La Rosie Goes" is a brutal depiction of a coupling of 30 years that unfortunately has lasted 3 decades too long. The woman's coping mechanism is flipping a switch and disappearing, not saying or feeling anything, while in the presence of her domineering husband. As she employs this survival technique to a greater and greater degree, she begins losing control, staying disappeared more and more and becoming unable to govern the coming and going. The last lines go:

Analogizing human death with the autumnal disappearance of foliage, "Borrowed Time" is enchanting poetry set to music. Still mystically connected to the one departed, Allard sings: The lamentful "Words You Cannot Say" describes a woman withering away in loneliness and solitude due to her husband's silence: Determining what really matters and is most important, the woman offers: Allard has an alluring, sultry voice that brings out the poignancy in her lyrics and music. She'll win you over with her honest depictions of the human condition and she also gets a bit playful on some of the other cuts.

Allard, on vocals and acoustic guitar, is backed by Gary Green on harmonica; Eddie Hall on drums; Sonny Layne on upright bass and vocals; Jeff Saine on lap steel, accordian and vocals; Jim Taggart on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin and vocals; Robin and Linda Williams on harmony vocals; Kevin McNoldy on harmony vocals; and Dwayne Evans on harmony vocals.

Track List:

All songs written by Terri Allard.

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