A Review of the CD
"Tim Harrison"
by Tim Harrison

"Tim Harrison"
by Tim Harrison

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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 12/99
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The good news is that Tim Harrison is back with a new release. The even better news is that he has returned with an assortment of laser-like portraits of the innerscapes of human beings. His insights into the human condition, our heavenly ascents and our hellish descents, are as remarkable as is his talent for putting them into enjoyable song.

He opens with a double dose of celtic-flavored cuts, the fiddle-fueled "Maguire" and "In Dark Irish Kitchens." The latter is an imaginatively descriptive tale about about a young Irish woman's self realization through the absorption and appreciation of her environment and culture . Harrison sings:

The only song not written by Harrison is Billy Edd Wheeler's rhythmic "Coal Tattoo." Seemingly an escapee from fellow Canadian James Keelaghan's songbook, this fiddle and guitar backed tune is an angry lament of a miner feeling sold out by both the mine owners and his own union. It closes with: "Healing Power," with its mantra-like chorus, is a soulful directional on how to break old, usually self-imposed bonds, and regain life. Harrison sings: The literate "Philosophers' Dreams," aided by dobro and concertina backing, is a wistful but still awkwardly optimistic presentation with a gentle salute and a reminder to always heed the call: Presenting the disintegration and aftermath of a couple's relationship in "Inside This Song," Harrison reflects: Harrison is an impassioned performer whose clear, clean vocals communicate feeling and emotion. He paints both haunting and healing images, always fancifully but honestly cloaked. Do yourself a favor and give him your ear for a short while--in fact, make that one of your New Year's resolutions. This one you'll easily and happily keep.

Harrison on lead vocals, 6 and 12 string guitars, piano and mandola is backed by Dennis Pendrith on bass; Al Cross on drums and percussion; Gary Craig on drums and percussion; Joao Carvalho on mandola; Chris Quinn on banjo; Kim Deschamps on dobro and steel guitar; Zeke Mazurek on fiddle; Rick Fielding on mandolin; Rick Whitelaw on flat-picked guitar; Loretto Reid on penny whistle and concertina; Chris Whiteley on trumpet; Chris Gale on saxophone; Jack Breakfast on piano; Kevin Gould on accordion, hammond organ and background vocals; Beverly Kreller on background vocals; Dee Potter on background vocals; Liane de Lotbiniere on background vocals; and Mose Scarlett on background vocals.

"Track List"

All songs written by Tim Harrison, except "Coal Tattoo," written by Billy Edd Wheeler.

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