A Review of the CD
"Closer To The Truth"
by Trout Fishing In America

"Closer To The Truth"
by Trout Fishing In America

Copyright 1999
Trout Records - TRT - 14
P.O. Box 914
Prairie Grove, AR 72753
ph: (888) 439--8342

This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 3/00
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Some are out to change the world. Some want to share their deep personal angst. Others want to shock or, failing that, become a personality. (Well, maybe not in the folk world, but...) Not Trout Fishing In America. Granted, Ezra Idlet and Keith Grimwood (don't their names sound like delicious characters out of a dusty Dickens novel?) certainly provide some philosophical offerings here but the utmost achievement is one of solid entertainment. The subject matter is presented in a velvet wrapping, tied with some clever wordplay. And that's just fine.

A timeless tale about the feelings of separation, "Closer To The Truth" is a sweet offering with a touch of humor. They sing:

"Dangerous" has an interesting Caribbean/reggae sound and rhythm. Singing about the various everyday possibilities featuring danger: thunder and lightning, midday sun, saying I love you, food that you're eating, lying and cheating, fools with guns, cash in a sock drawer, glitter and glamour, the pair close with:

Remindful of Van Morrison's "Tupelo Honey" in its opening, "Big Boys In Bad Shape" is an admonition on the fast life and culture in the 1990s:

"Alberta Postcard" is just what it says--a delightfully rhythmic description of a wintertime visit to Calgary and its environs. The duo sings, somewhat tongue-in-cheek:

"But I Do" and "There You Go" present similar subject matter--how to retain an innocence, a sense of wonderment in this world, a welcome with open arms to new experiences without succumbing to the turbulence of life and closing down to new possibilities and opportunities.

The zippy and witty "After You've Gone" describes the unshackling and breaking out after a relationship ends. They sing:

"Almost September" is the perfect end-of-summer feeling song. Idlet and Grimwood sing:

These two guys know how to write and present music--something that sounds much, much simpler than it seems. It's doubtful you'll experience an epiphany while listening to this CD but you'll certainly consider it time well spent.

Track List:

All songs written by Ezra Idlet and Keith Grimwood, except as indicated.

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