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This review is written by Kevin McCarthy, 8/02
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It's mid-summer, I'm a drippin'
all the tourists, come a trippin'
in the mail, there's a CD
will it rouse me from my ennui?
it's about the winter solstice
let me go get some more ice
here we go with the review...

Someone once said "timing is everything." A release celebrating the winter solstice and holiday season arrives in mid-August. Was it's destination really meant for someone in Australia or New Zealand? Well who cares, because, for one thing, the late Dave Carter and partner Tracy Grammer are featured in "American Noel." That in itself, provides enough motivation to quickly get the wrapping off and play it.

Actually, the CD is a Signature Sounds Recordings project to benefit the hunger relief organization, Second Harvest Food Bank Networkhttp://www.secondharvest.org. It is scheduled for release prior to the 2002 holiday season.

The Carter-Grammer selection is a sweet cut featuring three wise men searching in a big city for a saviour in a manger. He is found, as to be expected in any Carter-penned song, in a most unlikely setting.

The Nields offer an alternative musical version of a "Christmas Carol." Detailing a tentative re-grouping of family and loved ones, the harmonies on the chorus elevate the song's emotional inpact.

Louise Taylor sensual knockout "Let's Make A Baby King," may provoke some listeners to think and act along the lines of the song title.

In "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch," Pete Nelson puts to music the quirky words of Dr. Seuss. Mark Erelli's "This Ain't No Time Of Year To Be Alone," is set to a catchy yee-haw western swing rhythm. Rani Arbo's "I Saw Three Ships," is given a jazzy, sensual delivery.

Richard Shindell provides the somber "Before You Go" and bookends well with Erica Wheeler's rendition of "Song For A Winter Night."

Maria Sangiolo's "The Cherry Tree Carol" arcs from a jealous to a properly-chastised Joseph. Still in a snit over his wife's pregnancy, he ignores Mary's request for some fruit from the surrounding cherry trees. The baby Jesus, still in the womb, then commands the cherry trees to bow down so his mother can enjoy the bounty, causing Joseph to see the error of his ways.

Help yourself and others by supporting this good cause. You'll get a CD featuring selections quite different than most traditional holiday offerings and the less fortunate will enjoy more bountiful meals.

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