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Kevin’s Faves

I can already sense the indignation setting in and see the flickering of the flames--‘how can any list proclaiming to be a compilation of "Favorite Songs" not contain my favorite song(s)?’ Well, I respectfully suggest that you sing a couple of verses of "Kumbaya" (you don’t know the words?) or perform some mindful meditation before informing me of the error(s) of my ways. Please, please do not respond if you have seen "Fight Club" within the last 72 hours.

  • This IS a malleable list that will change or possibly grow with time.
  • My requirement is that these songs appear on one of the CDs in my possession. This limits my musical choices but I think it is important to choose only those selections readily available to me for comparison purposes.
  • These are songs that I do not merely find enjoyable, but literally strike an emotional chord and force me to stop whatever I’m doing and pay attention.
Song Title - Artist Description
Stained Glass
Danny Schmidt
this is pure genius highlighting the frailty of the human condition, from Parables & Primes NEW!
The Sylvan Song
Joe Crookston
a meditation for the times we are living in, from Fall Down as the Rain NEW!
Kate McDonnell
a song that slams the mindset and actions of George Bush, from Where The Mangoes Are
Tender Mercies
Eliza Gilkyson
haunting and evocative, from Land of Milk and Honey
A Man Stands Up
JP Jones
an anthem for living righteously, from his CD Thugs And Lovers
Appalachian Rain
just keeps getting better and better with the CD Traveler
The Big Fear
Jez Lowe
does ‘Watership Down’ as written by Philip Chandler from the CD Honesty Box
Gentle Arms of Eden
The late Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
presents evolution in 3 minutes. this would make a wonderful 3+ minute animated video. the CD is Drum Hat Buddha
Fairytale of New York
Shane MacGowan
song with The Pogues & Kirsty McColl. how can anyone not love a song that begins "It was Christmas Eve babe, in the drunk tank..." from the CD If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Terrance Martin
incredibly insightful view of human relationships, from his CD of the same name
After All
Dar Williams
as eloquent a view of self understanding and the human psyche as was ever put into song, from her CD The Green World
Richard Shindell
a remarkable metaphor, from his CD Somewhere Near Paterson
Night Drive
Garnet Rogers
a powerhouse best summed up as a spiritual "exorcism", from the CD of the same name
Forgotten Hero
Andy Irving & Patrick Street
shines a long overdue light on Land League stalwart Michael Davitt, from their CD Irish Times
The Ballad of Mary Magdeline
Richard Shindell
what he does with the subject matter here is remarkable, on his CD Blue Divide
The Witch of the Westmorland
Stan Rogers
a majestic tale, from his CD Between the Breaks...Live!
The Lady of Shalott
Loreena McKennitt
she is the best at putting poetry to music, from her CD The Visit
Jesus Wept
Ralph McTell
the Jesus that I identify with, from his CD Sand in Your Shoes
Perfect Oblivious Moon
Pat Maloney
one of the most underrated songwriters around, from his CD of the same name
Cold Missouri Waters
James Keelaghan
ironic redemption at its best (or worst), from his CD A Recent Future
you needn’t be Catholic to appreciate this "confessional" powerhouse, from her CD Driver
For Real
Bob Franke
a plea/admonishment to live life to its fullest and most meaningful, from his CD of the same name
Number One In America
David Massengill
this personalizes the civil rights era, from his CD Coming Up For Air
When I Go
The Late Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
their most mystical, yet accessible, from their CD of the same name
Wondering How You Are
Rob Laurens
the most painful and brutally honest look at love, fear and relationships I’ve heard, from his CD The Honey On The Mountain
The Sea and The Sky
Jonathan Byrd & Dromedary
an engaging, rhythmic-changing, different way of viewing nature, from their CD of the same name
The Mary Stanford of Rye
William Pint & Felicia Dale
the most moving UK traditional song I’ve heard, from their CD Seven Seas
Thanksgiving Waltz
Jay Ungar & Molly Mason
an incredibly soothing instrumental, from their CD Harvest Home
Thousands Are Sailing
Phil Chevron, Shane MacGowan & The Pogues
their sweet and sour sound combine for the best song EVER about Irish immigration, from the CD If I Should Fall From Grace With God

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