The Continuum

From a simple loving act
the three seasons passage
a consciousness unleashed
unique,  unlike no other that will ever be

Tabla rasa
said, done, felt, thought
existence ripples in infinite reciprocation
as life’s communion transforms and transfigures

Beware the insidious siren song of self
exacting penance at the innumerable stations of the cross
but beckon not the weary spirit nor the calloused heart
to our leased vessels and transitory costumes

Polish the inner mirror–the revelation of insight
change takes but an instant–the dance of metamorphosis
the promise of providence blossoms outside the fortresses of our fears
that distant glimmer below the exalted and above the woe

Such salvation is our constant north star
as we slave in our pilgrim’s progress
but our journey need not be a labor of Sisyphus
for the pathways are many on destiny’s spectrum

Weave a gentle fabric of sustenance
nurture love as your redeemer
for it is the most powerful sanctuary
in harvesting the transcendent self