Justice Never

The rules they apply to me and you
but not to them ’cause we’re the fools
behave to get ahead is what we’re told
make sure to always tear along the fold

Steal millions and get levied maybe a buck
the cost/benefit ratio carrying unrighteous truck
hear the judge’s “guilty,” head to Club Fed
work that tan and plan your next Code Red

Lady Justice blinded by a failure to see
black-robed parsers anointing inequality
which rung you can afford on justice’s ladder
delivers your life’s fate — sad or sadder

Citizens United reeking of unholy blasphemy
our corporate overlords now with human qualities
joining Dred Scott and Korematsu in judicial ping pong
when the going gets tough — rights are wronged

The moral of this story is perfectly clear
the powerful are protected, the rest in fear
afflict the afflicted, comfort the comfortable
the Founding Fathers are void and null