O Say Can You See It’s All About Me, Me, Me

It’s not a complicated business this taxpayer trough
all this money-making there for the, er,  my taking
from the get-go, I counterfeit an inside flush
rigging the system enough to make a dead man blush

I’m a rainmaker, just pissing all over yours and you
a money whore galore, hey that’s just how I roll
A gentleman farmer, growing a bumper cash crop
I’m at the top, ain’t gonna drop, with no plans to stop


I fix matters to fail fortuitously fruitful
betting on despair is just part of the plan
of looting coffers and shedding all blame
putting Willie Sutton to professional shame

Impunity, immunity, it’s about the I’s and no U’s
whatever I desire is going to be mine, mine, mine
go big and go large and go deep and go long
I can’t go wrong ’cause there are no words to that song

You call me the rapaciously evil devil of the vault
label me a dollar bill Caligula or a close derivative
I live so fine for simply making figures align
I’m a financial whiz, there’s no her or his, just mine