The Versatility of Sh*t


You can shoot the sh*t



not know it

have it for brains

speak it fluently

don’t take it

have it together

get it together

be full of it

blow it up

step in it

have it hit the fan

smoke it

don’t give it

be a dip around it

label it good, bad or sorry

call it heavy

stir it up

get too old for it

ingest it as an imaginary sandwich

experience it as part of a storm

be down for it

sarcastically comment it doesn’t stink

not give a damn about it

say it’s deep

get it done

be up it’s creek minus a paddle

believe it is holy

serve it on a shingle

know it as the last name of Jack

not distinguish it from Shinola

not know it

make it up

have it together

not give a…

pair it with giggles

take none

label it tough

bring it forth or get off the commode


Is compromise a major catastrophe?

a minor loss?

a dreaded draw?

a cloak of shame?

a bruised and tattered valentine?

shattering or soothing?

a clumsy tango?

evidence of better angels?

an orchestra with revolving conductors?

the art of finding ‘less’ attractive?

the launch of something greater than ourselves?

a calorie-less dessert?

a greater vision?

who’s keeping score?

all, some or none?

— inspired by a poetry writing class prompt about compromise