War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

With allĀ  due credit to Christopher Hedges and his beacon of honesty.

I was sent off to war
to settle a petty score
’cause the pols said
we want those bastards dead

They were once our friends
but that all now depends
on doing our private bidding
or else — no f-ing kidding

Shipped over to the sand
then marching overland
trying not to misstep
a basic danger we must accept

Some look forward to the kill
taking human life as a thrill
but it’s different you see
when you’re sitting in D.C.

Splattered with guts and blood
whether of an enemy or close bud
changes you deep inside
a pain some can’t abide

The desert she bleaches you
hallowed through and through
I just wanted to do some good
like most everyone would

After three lengthy tours
I’m not the same anymore
I did my best with pride
but it’s in a shell I now reside

Jen’s settled for what she’s got
the kids scared what war has wrought
tears and terror map out me
tryin’ like hell so none can see

Now I don’t dare explore
what’s left of my brittle core
the mirror says it’s me there
shutdown in my lonesome lair

So blare the trumpet solitary
and invoke the patriot fairy
my most ominous of fears
is that “Taps” I’ll never hear

I was being all that I was
charging forward just because
now my soul is never more
in case the Pentagon is keeping score

Yes, I’m still somewhat alive
maybe cursed to have survived
but I gave my life too
for it’s not the me I once knew

The Holy See is blinded

Plying misogny with his favorite, simony
was Pope Gregory’s corporate coup policy
those married priests, what a bugger to solve
starving wives and children just damage collateral

A hatred for females, either minor and adult
protecting penises like a phallic-worshipping cult
a sweet spot for power and mass subjugation
collective disdain for half of creation

Just like on earth as it is in so-called heaven
Pope powered genocide billed as killing without sin
Blood spilled, lives lost, all for imperial control
while the holy city lies in residence within us all

Ah, the axes of devils in Avignon and Rome
selling title and salvation with hearts of stone
pardons for sale, heaven’s entrance for a price
and that’s only if the hierarchy decides to play nice

Shakedowns dressed up in finery and glory
while dispensing ‘our Fathers’ and hailing Marys
the abuse of children begets damage limitation
orbiting away from any spiritual direction

Off with the Cathars and the Anabaptists
woe to Hildegard, all the heretics on the list
treat reason as a treason, ideas as threats
you’re with us or against us, place your bets

Galileo, he should think the same
yet it’s rapacious priests shielded from shame
between being bastards and producing ’em as kin
all deserving placement in the apocalyptic dustbin

Try canonizing respect in a real life moment of zen
Silence the tongues preaching most Orwellian
It’s long past time for all to walk the Damascus Road
A living adherence to love’s labors’ found lost code

Albert Camus Meets Robert Heinlein

My parts and my pieces, never a fit
a jigsaw puzzle borne of bewilderment
from pillar to post, through kindness to jibes
focused on scattered survivors of my lost tribe

Nimbly surviving on generous winks and nods
emitted from a charming and personable facade
always traversing terrain as a velvet infidel
silent on sharing, firm on don’t ask nor tell

Despair in my cup plus a diet of regret
but a fading vision still beating in my heart’s locket
seeking rainbow’s end, not continual storm
my destination always shifting place and form

But guided by virgins learned and sinners graceful
scouting for footprints of angels who will tell
on the outskirts of freedom, my simple epiphany
‘I am one, I am all, they are one, they are me’