Birth to death

Yes, he successfully conquered water
hammered out a whiny chardonnay
the masses at the miracle collective
believed the finish kept death at bay

He a Mecca born and bred commando
the converter of the one way word
his preaching saved huddled masses
while he slay infidels for his overlord

From Jerusalem to sandy Mecca
the spectrum of deeds belied beliefs
safe harbor for real believers dimming
instead sanctuary for killers and thieves

Everlasting life hereafter policies
gotta upscale the forever vacation
say the magic words in the right ear
for just-in-time personal gentrification

But it’s still ashes to ashes, dust to dust
passports stamped for angel’s camp
truth and lies, pleasure with pain
lonely flickers of humanity’s lamp

Let’s simply call it an endless rest
from a life lived both holy and hell
identity owned and fully legible
at the last tolling of the bell



Whether sister, brother, sinner or saint
travail and grace reside throughout our house
and blindness, lured by our halos and demons
eclipses our pathway and obscures our rooms…

Beginning Again

Stripped of earthly veneer, I am naked to the world
the marks of this temporal crucible apparent to all
my cloak, woven of secrets and lies, liberated
revealing a past of impenetrable, well-versed charade

An arrhythmic rebirth, a future offering renewal
my gait unsure, as if balancing on a tenuous cable
the vision of gossamer wings glimmering in the distance
a harbinger witness to the birthright of redemption

Clutching at fervent dreams and chimerical visions
a faraway echo guides me, whispering, chiding
‘there is but one pathway and it is through the heart
but one wonder of the world, it is love’