Roadtripping around our country

In Big Apple time, the good life’s a rigged bet
all those Wall Street wannabe rainmakers so afraid of getting wet

Around Jerseytown, where the accents are thick
it’s where’s my cut or just fuhgedaboutit

Detroit’s hollowed out, now an empty shell
even Motown’s soul has sung it’s own death knell

Outside Chi-town, the slaughter’s in the stockyards
but in ’68, it was done by Daley’s Praetorian guards

Entering North Dakota, it seems kind of bent
that a woodchipper is the state’s death row instrument

In the plains, farmers grow red, white and blue
but Monsanto requires you tell them which seed you grew

It’s a gorgeous green and wet in the Great Northwest
trees continue fallin’ feathering logger barons’ nests

Caffeine and breweries mainline Portland’s fad hipster scene
but all California is going a different kind of green

A certain captain Cooked their goose out Hawaii way
but bad spellers still fantasize of a welcoming lay

The mantra in LA is one of be all that you dream
but you’re a failure if you still look like you or me

The lights never dim even when leaving Las Vegas
where green, silver and gold defines god and goddess

In Rio Grande baptisms, it’s where the myths float big
evangelical hyperbole festers through leaves of fig

OK City life was once shattered but not by Muslims
no, it was score one for the society of feral humans

Over in Birmingham, where four innocents died
brown’s the new black ’cause time it just don’t fly

Across the state of Florida, call it just a quixotic fad
how in the GOP, so many more are now named Chad

In South Carolina, the state motto tells a tail
‘join me and together we’ll plow the Appalachian Trail’

Across the country, prosperity flags wave from church steeples
as the re-crucifixion of Jesus is the order of the people